2019 Senior Provincials

Photos by Giovanna Andrews

March 2020

Men's O55 Outdoor Provincial Singles Finalist Graham Watt, left and Champion Kerry Mitchell..

The Ontario Senior Provincial Championships once again did not disappoint! The level of play seems to be getting better every year; there were many compelling matches and some of the fields were so deep that even a first round victory for the top seeds was assured. Thanks to the Boulevard Club and Bayview G&CC for hosting the over 160 senior competitors… and the Toronto Lawn once again put on a great event for the annual Senior Mixed Doubles Invitational – you’re not getting older Seniors – you’re getting better!

Women's O45 Outdoor Provincial Singles Champion Jennifer Bishop, left and Finalist Andreea Dragulescu.

Men's O70 Outdoor Provincial Singles Finalist Terry Redvers, left and Champion Harry Greenan.




Category Winner Finalist
Mens O35 Dominic Moore Alex Bykov
Mens O40 George Virich Shane Bell
Mens O45 Richard Mainilla Anton Rabie
Mens O50 John Murray Laurence Rose
Mens O55 Kerry Mitchell Graham Watt
Mens O60 Michael Mcloughlin Jim Boyce
Mens O65 Tim Griffin Barry Goman
Mens O70 Harry Greenan Terry Redvers
Mens O75 John Tibbits Guido Weber


Category Winner Finalist
Womens O40 Jennifer Bishop Andreea Dragulescu
Womens O50 Janet Hofstra Arianne Boire
Womens O55 Kelly Stobbe Cindy O'Doherty
Womens O60 Akemi Seiriki Benita Vandenberg
Womens O70 Mary Ann Gaskin  Rosemary Jeanes Antze

Men's O65 Outdoor Provincial Doubles Champions, left to right, Barry Goman and Jim Boyce and finalists Darryl Howe-Jones and Dennis Ing.

Women's O45 Outdoor Provincial Doubles Champions, left to right, Jane Bedard and Annie Kravchenko and finalists Meg Takazato and Sandra Cimetta..




Category Winner Finalist
Mens O40 Jeff Kuchma,
Jan Koelmel
Shane Bell,
Peter Giacomelli
Mens O50 Stephen Bourne,
Rodrigo Maraboli 
Dan Deangelis,
Ivan Balic
Mens O55 Kerry Mitchell,
Graham Watt
James Henkelman,
Robert Donders
Mens O60 Michael Mcloughlin,
Barnaby Kalan
Marc Pepin,
Frank Sabetti
Mens O65 Jim Boyce,
Barry Goman
Darryl Howe-Jones,
Dennis Ing
Mens O70 Raul Hernandez,
John Payne
Ashley Stanley,
Edward Twardus
Mens O75 John Mitchell,
Peter Clarke
John Tibbits,
Guido Weber


Category Winner Finalist
Womens O40 Nancy Behm,
Olga Tsymbal
Andreea Dragulescu,
Janet Hofstra
Womens O45 Annie Kravchenko,
Jane Bedard
Sandra Cimetta,
Meg Takazato
Womens O50 Annie Kravchenko,
Jane Bedard
Sandra Cimetta,
Leslie Tuer
Womens O55 Janice Hebert,
Lori Goodfellow
Linda Love,
Sharon Heaton
Womens O60 Pat Sinclair,
Akemi Seiriki
Margaret Smeenk,
Linda Love


Category Winner Finalist
Seniors O40 Paul Kingston,
Kanta Murali
Jason Pun,
Maya Bartram
Masters O50 Marc Pepin,
Susanna Sekely
Jim Boyce,
Jeanette Loakman
Grand Masters O60 Owen Pellew,
Erin Boynton
Dennis Ing,
Linda Love
Legends O70 Terry Redvers,
Diane Howarth
Keith Hayes,
Mary Ann Gaskin
Century Mixed Jim Boyce,
Melissa Cutler
J Wong,
S Wong