2019 Awards

Photos by Jag Gundhu

March 2019

The sport of tennis in Ontario has a long history of volunteer participation. Without the selfless contributions of thousands of dedicated people who lend their time and knowledge, our club system would not be what it is today. Each year, in celebration of our clubs and volunteers, the OTA recognizes outstanding contributions to tennis. Pictured above; Laura Wilcox receives an Outstanding Club Award on behalf of Newmarket Community Tennis Club from OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, at the 2019 OTA AGM.

Distinguished Service Awards

Jackie Sheehy

Jackie has been involved with the sport of tennis for close to 40 years since 1980. Jackie’s initial involvement in tennis commenced at the Picton Tennis Club where she held the positions of President and Tournament Director from 1980 – 1983. During her tenure she organized summer tennis tournaments and chaired Board meetings to develop interest in tennis and maintain the club.

After relocating to Toronto, Jackie quickly became involved with the Gwendolen Park Tennis Club and served as its Tournament Director from 1995-2000 and Vice President in 2001. While at Gwendolen her main responsibilities included serving as House League Captain and organizing social events. In December 1996, Jackie became a Director of the North York Tennis Association (NYTA) and served in this capacity until 1999, then became Vice President from 2000-2005 and President from 2006 – 2008. As NYTA President, she also sat on the board of the OTA as their regional representative. At the conclusion of her term as NYTA President, Jackie remained on the OTA board and assumed the role of VP Marketing & Communications for five years from 2010 – 2015.

Jackie Sheehy truly embodies the quintessential spirit of the word volunteerism and her leadership skills are befitting of the OTA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Todd Archibald

Todd has made significant contributions to tennis over the past 17 years and to this day serves as President of both the Gwendolen Park Tennis Club and the North York Winter Tennis Club. He began his involvement as a tennis volunteer in 2002, serving as House League chair at Gwendolen Park where he organized teams and captains and handled the scheduling and awards night. Soon after, he became President.  It is because of Todd’s tireless efforts that Gwendolen Park Tennis Club has been the only community club in Toronto to have an additional court built at no cost to the club members. He and his committee worked day and night to secure the needed funding for this huge project. It took several years of dedication to convince the City to expand this site while also completely refurbishing the clubhouse at the same time. Today it is one of the most viable clubs in the North York Tennis Association.

His success at the local club level was noticed by the NY Winter Tennis Club and Todd was invited to bring his expertise to this Board. Todd became a Board member in 2012 and immediately began using his extensive legal background to help develop new club policies. He has served as NY Winter Tennis Club President since 2016 and is currently working on future expansion opportunities. It is with great pleasure we honour Todd’s contributions with the Distinguished Service Award.

Mark Armstrong

Mark is a well-known and highly regarded member of the tennis community in Ottawa. His contributions are significant and diverse, and he has been giving back to the tennis community for more than 50 years. Tennis participation began in High School when he became a member of the Deep River Yacht and Tennis Club and played through his school and university years. This is where he started giving back to the community when he joined the Junior Tennis Committee and began to organize tournaments and events. This continued while he was at the University of Toronto where he organized the college intramural tournament.

He moved to Ottawa in 1969 and joined the Rideau Tennis Club where he is now approaching his 50th anniversary as a member. Mark’s contributions to the club were commemorated by a special recognition award given to him in 2012. Mark continues to contribute to the tennis community as a player, volunteer and official. He is the go-to person for local tournaments and can often be seen in the chair umpiring the finals at the City Championships and other high-profile events.

In 2018, Mark became a member of the NCTA’s Junior Development Committee which organizes fund-raising events and managers a fund of money that is targeted to support top juniors in the City. A truly exceptional contribution and well deserving of the OTA’s Distinguished Service Award.

Recognition Awards

Kristian Gravelle receives an Outstanding Club Award on behalf of Scarborough Bluffs Tennis Club from OTA Board President Rob Nicholls, left, and OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, right, at the 2019 OTA AGM.

Angela Kooij receives an Outstanding Club Award on behalf of Don Mills Tennis Club from OTA Board President Rob Nicholls, left, and OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, right, at the 2019 OTA AGM.

Sophia Brendon receives an Outstanding Club Award on behalf of Port Perry Tennis Club from OTA Board President Rob Nicholls, left, and OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, right, at the 2019 OTA AGM.

Karen Gunn receives an Outstanding Club Award on behalf of East Gwillimbury Tennis Club from OTA Board President Rob Nicholls, left, and OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, right, at the 2019 OTA AGM.

Longtime OTA Board Member Jackie Sheehy is recognized at the OTA AGM by OTA Executive Director Jim Boyce, left, and OTA Board President Rob Nicholls, right, for her contributions to tennis in the community.

OTA Bruce Childs Community Club Volunteer Awards

The Bruce Childs Volunteer Awards are provided to OTA member clubs to help them recognize volunteers who have made a significant contribution to tennis at the club level. In 2017 the following clubs recognized the listed people with these awards.

Club Name Award Winners
Applewood TC David Vieyra
Bolton TC Dave Elliott and Rob Marks
Brighton TC Kam Singh
City View TC Lei Zhang
Curran Hall TC Lesley Moore
Don Mills TC Debbie Drainie, Nigel McClean and Alexey Kutsevalov
East Gwillimbury TC Yvonne Marleau and Mark Maclean
Fountainhead TC Melvin Canete
General Burns TC Jason Stanley
Glendale TC Rika Jacoby
Grimsby TC Sue Henry, Don Eastman and Anthony Serafini
Gwendolen Park TC Philippa Sutcliffe
Nobleton TC Lynda McDonell
Oro Medonte TC Tamara Scearce
Petawawa TC Khaled BHS
Port Perry TC Ken Wilson
Rockcliffe TC Paul Henry
Scarborough Bluffs TC Kevin Im, Doug Quesnel and Colette Boileau
Stephen Leacock TC Natalie Wong
St. James TC Anne Marie Baxter
St. Thomas TC John Laing
Thunder Bay TC Maryann Matson
Tournament Park TC Margaret Cathers, Ian Federman and Christina Lawrence
Uxbridge TC Lisa Edwards and Dana Hewson
West Rouge TC Michele Stratton
Whitby TC Mary Shea
Wishing Well TC Marina Mihailovich and Louise Figueira