RacquetGuys – Kings of the Court!

by Jean Goodridge

December 2019

From training aids to ball machines to nets and rollers, RacquetGuys, the Official Court Equipment Supplier of the OTA, has some great products that no tennis club should be without!

RacquetGuys has been the OTA’s Official Court Equipment Supplier for over 15 years. They have a wide range of tennis products from leading suppliers that will serve to enhance your club’s playing experience. Whether it is teaching and training aids, court maintenance products or plain old tennis nets, the great thing is, as the Official Court Equipment Supplier of the OTA, RacquetGuys offer our member clubs preferred pricing!

RacquetGuys CEO Troy Russell has been in the tennis business since 1994. Having been a competitive player from a young age, Troy has been exposed to many court supply products and training aids over the years and has a keen eye when it comes to spotting great new products and also knows which ones are tried and true. Troy realizes that most club managers are volunteers and might not have the time or expertise to make decisions about what is best for their clubs. He and his experienced staff are happy to offer their expert advice – and special pricing for OTA member clubs!

“For some court managers it can be a daunting experience to figure out what their club needs and which products have the best performance and value. The RacquetGuys team pride themselves in their commitment to customer service and in their product knowledge when it comes to court equipment – we encourage club managers and even individual players to contact or visit us to learn about the latest trends and best products currently available”.

The Racquet Guys team has selected 5 products that they feel would be a great addition to your clubs’ court equipment list. Have a look at these:

K-Max Tennis Ball Collector


The K-MAX is simple to use. It collects 60 balls in seconds and allows players to empty the balls quickly and efficiently. It’s a lightweight tennis ball collector that's easy to handle and easily stored. Looking a bit like a bingo basket, it works so well that tennis coaches will never have to ask their students to pick up the balls. Kids will “fight” over the chance to use the K-Max after a training session.

Works on hard courts, clay courts and grass courts. Does not damage the court surface. Perfect for picking up regular tennis balls as well as junior balls (red/orange/green dot balls).

Extremely durable – Unlike the plastic ball tubes that dry out in the sun and need replacement rubber bottoms, the K-Max will last years without any issues. Wires of the cage have been tested at over 10,000 hours of continuous collecting without breakage. Any damaged wires can be individually replaced.

Click here for a 1-minute YouTube video showing how it works!

ShoCourt Scorekeeper


Also from Kollectaball, the ShoCourt Scorekeeper is the ideal scoreboard for league and club tournaments. It is extremely sturdy, perfect for outdoor and indoor tennis and makes keeping track of the score easy for players and spectators. It's easy to rotate at end changes and features 4 lock in positions. The Scorekeeper also has a quick net post mounting system included.

Unlike plastic scorecards that degrade in the sunlight and break after a year or two, the ShoCourt Scorekeeper is made of metal so it is an all-weather, rust-proof, damp-proof and shock-proof scoreboard that won’t bend or warp. It is highly visible from a distance. It will be the last scorekeeper that a club has to buy. There is a 1 to 6 game model for traditional sets and a 1 to 9 game model for pro sets.

TopspinPro - Tennis Training Aid


Over 90% of the game is now played with topspin because it is the only way to control a tennis ball with pace. Mastering it unlocks an exponentially better level of tennis. The TopspinPro combines both the kinaesthetic and visual elements essential to accelerated learning:

- Players can learn topspin in 2 minutes a day
- Ideal for intermediates and beginners
- Can be used anywhere – in the office, garden or at home while watching TV
- It lets players feel what it’s like to brush the ball, not hit it
- The screen forces players to keep the racket face angle constant throughout the shot

Lobster Ball Machines


Lobster tennis ball machines will quickly transform the weak points in your tennis game into strengths. There’s no substitute for hitting thousands of tennis balls per practice, and Lobster ball machines are dependable, simple-to-use and tireless hitting partners. The Elite series has all the basic features while the Grand series has unmatched functionality thanks to remote operation, customizable drills, and 12 pre-loaded drill sequences. With Apple® product integration, players can control their ball machine with their iPhone and Apple Watch!

Gamma EZ Travel Cart


The Gamma EZ Travel Cart holds up to 150 balls and the larger EZ Travel Cart Pro holds 250 balls. Ideal for serious coaches and players that want to have the best portable ball basket on the market. Specifically designed for easy travel, this cart has wheels for easy maneuverability and transport while the convenient carry handles are extremely efficient.