2017 Senior Provincials

Photos by Al Knight and The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club

April 2, 2018

Men’s O80 Singles Finalist Cecil Stoke and Champion Henry Prusinowski

Ontario seniors still show off remarkable skill and stamina when they compete in the provincial championships. 2017 saw the Boulevard returning as the primary site for the Senior Provincial Championships after a break because of the renovations being made to the clubhouse.  At the Ontario Senior Mixed Doubles, hosted by the Toronto Lawn, the century tournament continues to be a popular addition to the options for play.  Mike McLaughlin retired as tournament chair after many years of service - all the seniors who have played in the event wish him a hearty thank you for his excellent leadership in putting on this event over the past 30 or so years.

Women’s O65 Doubles Finalist Violeta Jost



Men’s O60 Singles Champion Jim Boyce with Tournament Chairman Tony Collings and Boulevard Director of Tennis Paul Cairns


Category Winner Finalist
Mens O35 John Murray Geoffrey Fernandes
Mens O40 Shane Bell Peter Giacomelli
Mens O45 Ivan Balic Dan Deangelis
Mens O50 Mike O’Neill Rob Kerton
Mens O55 Gary Meanchos Kerry Mitchell
Mens O60 James Boyce Barry Goman
Mens O65 Tim Griffin Peter Bonfa
Mens O70 Hani Ayoub John Yeomans
Mens O75 Bob Awrey Gary Grant
Mens O80 Henry Prusinowski Cecil Stokoe


Category Winner Finalist
Womens O35 Paula Sousa Lesley-Ann Mcclure
Womens O45 Irene Kondryna Patty Thornicroft
Womens O50 Marijan Lindsay Cindy O’Doherty
Womens O55 Janice Hebert Susanna Sekely
Womens O60 Patricia Babcock Margaret Smeenk
Womens O65 Michelle Hall Frances Critchley
Womens O70 Mary Ann Gaskin Gisela Nouisser
Womens O75 Micheline Trussell Liz Durdan

Ontario Senior Mixed O70 Champions Hani Ayoub and Sue Smylie with finalists Mary Ann Gaskin and Keith Hayes




Category Winner Finalist
Mens O35 not played not played
Mens O40 Chris Healing,
Peter Giacomelli
Joe Hogan,
Shane Bell
Mens O45 Gary Meanchos,
Paul Beck
Anders Mckenzie,
Stephen Bourne
Mens O50 Mike O’Neill,
Paul Kieth
Mens O55 Fraser Macdonald,
Owen Pellew
Mitch a Schachter,
Barry Litman
Mens O60 Steve Fricker,
Barry Goman
Robert Beaudin,
Ricardo Bohorquez
Mens O65 Tim Griffin,
Terry Redvers
Peter Bonfa,
Peter Gonda
Mens O70 John Yeomans,
Hani Ayoub
Bob Awrey,
Howard Simpson
Mens O75 not played not played
Mens O80 William Webster,
Henry Prusinowski
Robert Cornish,
Robert Martain


Category Winner Finalist
Womens O35 not played not played
Womens O45 Julia Van Hemerlyk,
Patti Thornicroft
Pam Killeen,
Marijan Lindsay
Womens O50 not played not played
Womens O55 Janice Hebert,
Susanna Sekely
Pam Killeen,
Kelly Stobbe
Womens O60 not played not played
Womens O65 Gisela Nouisser,
Anne Runji
Violeta Jost,
Diane Howarth
Womens O70 not played not played
Womens O75 not played not played


Category Winner Finalist Consolation
Junior Masters (O30) Leigh Bradwell, Kevin Chang Zoe Chappell, Andrew Chappell n/a
Seniors (O40) Paul Kingston, Kanta Murali Garet Prins, Susie Italiano Mova Leung, John Kwan
Masters (O50) Erin Boynton, Owen Pellew Kelly Stobbe, Kevin Green Lilian Clune, T. Sanderson
Grand Masters (O60) Anke Magnus, Jim Boyce Linda Ondrack, Dennis Ing John Benneyworth, Marg Lansens
Legends (O70) Sue Smylie, Hani Ayoub Mary Ann Gaskin, Keith Hayes Inge Weber, Norm Bradwell
Century Mixed Anke Magnus, Jim Boyce Leigh Bradwell, Norm Bradwell Nancy Behm, Eugen Malea