by Geoff Bower

Fall 2017

Tennis members at Bayview Golf and Country Club enjoyed a taste of Wimbledon when one of the club's sod farms was converted into a grass tennis court for a day.

Seventy players took part in organized sessions of King of the Court (or should that have been Queen of the court?). Most of the players had never experienced playing on grass before and they found the experience both enjoyable and informative, judging by the comments of the players. “I can’t believe how low the ball bounces.” “You have to prepare much earlier than clay because ball travels fast.” “I like the soft sound my feet make.” “ I now understand why you want to get to the net!”

Of course all white clothing was the dress code for the day and Diane Kriksciunas and Murray Erlich got a special award for being the best dressed pair. Check out their outfits in the photo above.

(Bayview winners) Left to right: Pirouz Hashemi, Fred Doulatshahi, Milagro Wassef, Melissa Allen, Christine Erlich, Diane Kriksciunas and Murray Erlich.

The grass courts were a great hit. A unique addition to the Country Club.

With rave reviews and more than 100 players involved as players or spectators, Bayview plan to repeat the event next year. In fact members have asked for the court to be kept for a week so they can practice!

Congratulations to the organizing team of Catherine Newry, Brett Cooper and Geoff Bower for putting together such a special event that captured the imagination of so many members.


It was a first-time experience playing on grass for many of the participants.