The OTA Annual General Meeting

February 27, 2018

The OTA’s fiscal year runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31. The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held at the Aviva Centre in April each year. Although there are several formalities that must be completed, the meeting makes a great opportunity for club Presidents, OTA staff and OTA sponsors to mingle.

Standing room only at the AGM as the meeting gets going on time.

Some members are focussed on reading the distributed material, while others wait in anticipation.

Scott Fraser opens his last AGM as President of the Association.

Jim Boyce, Executive Director, reads the formal notice of the meeting.

Rob Nicholls, incoming President, makes the explanation of the finances more interesting with comparative pie charts.

The annual report always looks good thanks to the effort of our graphics whiz, Glenn Ryan of PIX.

Jim Boyce presents a beautiful picture to Murray and Roda Rubin who initiated and have supported the Champions program for 5 years

Murray can’t resist the opportunity to inspire the crowd with some words on his passion for tennis.

Newmarket Tennis Club receives a Club Recognition Award for their extensive programming to promote tennis.

Thunder Bay Community Tennis Association receives an award too for the good job they do promoting tennis at all levels in their community.

John Winns-Purdy collects two awards for both the clubs he has worked with in Ottawa: St James TC and Ottawa Lawn Bowling Club.

Scott and Kim are presented with a thank you for their outstanding contribution during the years of Scott’s Presidency of the Association.

Dianne Weatherby tells the group about the exciting programming which is being developed to celebrate the OTA’s 100th birthday in 2018.

And what OTA meeting would be complete without a little on court time and fun to close out the day.